Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lesson Learned!

So we're driving home from cold St. George to a colder Lehi, right! Dave asks if we should fill up before we get going, but I look at the gas gauge and it says we have 3/4 of a tank (which is amazing because it only took 1/4 tank to get to St. George in my van)! Home we head, along the long and boring I-15. Long, long stretches of road with nothing close to the freeway for miles. We hit Nephi and the gauge reads 1/4 tank of gas...should be enough to make it at least 15 minutes to Payson. NOT! We make it to the southern end of Santaquin and Dave starts pulling off the freeway. I noticed the "No Services" sign, so I ask him why he's pulling off. He said, "We're out of gas!" then the car dies at the Stop sign. We see a gas station down the hill on the other side of the freeway, but it doesn't look like it's 0pen. Dave puts the car in neutral and we coast to the gas station and right up to the pump without having to get out and push! It was a brand new gas station and yes, it was open! (Oh ye of little faith!) Of all the places we could have ended up, what are the chances of running out just then, just at that spot!

What did we learn from this? Well, for starters, the gas gauge is deceiving in my van...the 1/4 tank mark is the new Empty! We can't make it to St. George and back on one tank of gas. And most important, out of all the inconveniences we put ourselves through in life by the mistakes we make, this particular one wasn't going to be a big one because God watches out for us and it's always best to have a prayer before you leave the house! God's tender mercies are much appreciated!

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Heaps Family said...

I love the lessons that don't "hurt" too much! I am glad you got home safe and sound :)