Monday, April 26, 2010

April 21 Zack note

Me, Elder Okamoto, Sis. Okamoto, and Elder Theilen

Hey Mom mom mom, mom mom moran!

Things are pretty good this week. We're working with another less-active, Mark Lazano, to get him reactivated. It's pretty easy when he already has a strong testimony. He's a smart guy and I can relate with him pretty well. We also started to teach a new investigator last night who is the girlfriend of a less-active member. Her name is Leslie Rowley. She's Catholic, but sometimes she comes to church with her boyfriend, Mike. She said that she wants to learn more because sometimes she has no idea what people are saying at church. I guess her family wasn't/isn't very religious, so she doesn't know much about the Catholic church either. We had a pretty good first lesson. She was taking notes and asking good questions. Leslie even asked for a homework assignment!(never happens) She said that she wants to find a church where she would want to be and not like other people who almost dread going to church. I think she'll get baptized one day. We also did a service project for a elementary school on Saturday. We basically gardened all morning from 8 am to 1pm. We were pulling weeds, digging up unwanted grass, making a path of stones, weeding, spreading mulch, getting rid of weeds, and planting a few things. Even as a missionary, you can't get away from gardening... I haven't spent much time in the office, because I was waiting for a missionary to send me their pictures because I couldn't do anything with out them. They finally arrived today, so I have my work cut out for me this week.

I haven't registered for classes yet because I have holds on my registration. I email my counselor to see what I could do to get that taken care of. She told me to take some class online which I did and I faxed the paper to her that said that I completed it. I haven't heard from her since. I'll shoot her an email today to see if she received my fax. I probably will wait until next semester to take the Japanese class. I might explore other ways to learn the language if I have time.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my bike. I lent it to another missionary because his bike was broken, but I found out this morning that it's broke. I'll talk to him to see what happened and see what we can do to fix it. The gear guard broke by the pedals. I was going to try to sell it to another missionary, but at this point it doesn't seem probable. Since the areas are getting bigger, there are less and less bike areas. So less people need a bike and more people are trying to sell theirs.

I checked and so far the airline I'll be taking is Delta, but that's not final. Most of the time it's Delta, but sometimes they change it if they find one cheaper(I think). Everyone else that is going home at the same time is taking a Delta flight as well.

That stinks about the sickness. Have you gotten over it yet? (almost)
I hadn't heard about the Iceland volcano. That's pretty intense! Signs of the times I guess. How big of an area is it affecting? All of Europe? Hopefully Aunt Joyce can get back safe and on time for the wedding. (she did)

Jake wanted Brats for his Birthday? (Brats sausage) Isn't that... like a little girls' play doll or something? Something to do with a fashion doll for little girls I think. Well what every floats his boat I guess.. how big is his trampoline? (13 ft.)

Who won the racquetball game? You or Uncle Mark? (me, of course)

Well I that's all I can think of, so until next week!


PS: Tell Mark and everyone I said Hi!


fern said...

fun updates

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I'll be excited to see him again this summer!