Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trip to Jerusalem

Just one week left before Zack leaves! I am feeling a little braver and I think I will not just drop him off at the MTC, but go in and do the whole program with him (MTC torture farewell). Zack and I went to the temple last week and did baptisms. I got to be there for his first baptism and it was me! It was way cool! (Sorry, no pics) There was a cute lady in the dressing room whom I talked to about not wanting to take part in the "bawl fest" at the MTC. She said that I had to go with him and wouldn't let me leave until I promised to do so. I think I can handle it now ;) .

This is cute, I mean handsome John chillin at Uncle Jack's cabin. We rented some 4-wheelers for our last family outing with Zack and he wanted to go down and see Uncle Jack. The boys had a blast! I was watering Jeanene's garden for her and bonked my head on the tin roof when I turned around to turn on the water. I had a nice gash on my head; and you know how those head wounds bleed. I was pretty proud of myself for not saying any "farm words"! We tried to find some super glue to patch me back together, but after I washed the blood out of my hair, Uncle Jack said it probably wouldn't need to be glued. The mosquitoes got me while I was helping him move sprinklers and I got a bloody nose while I was riding the 4-wheeler back out of the field (have you ever tried to drive a 4-wheeler, swat mosquitoes and hold your nose at the same time?)

Ross Bailey came over with his dad put shoes on Jack's horse so he could ride her up the mountain on Monday. They had me take her for a test drive when they were finished so I took Spencer for a ride around the pond. Jake took some pics, but they didn't turn out good enough to share (cause I looked awful in them). Aint gunna happen!

Here's a pic of Jake. He and Kyle decided it was best to ride close behind Zack's 4-wheeler up Maple Canyon (maybe they were afraid they would get lost). They both came back filthy and sweaty.

It was a great weekend for the trip because it wasn't too hot (hardly any flies to bug us). I went with Uncle Jack to feed the few cows he has left and he took me past these Alpacas that had been shorn to look like very large poodles. We had a good laugh! I wish I would have had my camera with me.

We tried to mow the grass but we couldn't keep the lawn mower running long enough. Spencer and Zack got a few stripes cut in the front, then it wouldn't run anymore.

I think this is when the boys got back from Maple Canyon and they were unloading the 4 wheelers, again.

This is "dirty Kyle" and his side-kick Spencer.

Last, but not least, this is the only pic I got of Michael. He talked Uncle Jack into playing Kings on the Corner. We could not get him out of the cabin and he did not get on a 4 wheeler once. He is still afraid of them from the time I took him for a wild ride up the mountain, bounced him off the back end, he did a flip, landed on his feet, then fell backwards on his bottom. Let's say the ride was a little bumpy!

Except for the blood, we made some great memories!

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looks like fun- uncle jack looks great!!