Monday, December 19, 2011

Rose Buds!

I have my racquetball/gym buddies (I call them Rose Buds) over for breakfast occasionally...but always for Christmas.  It used to only be racquetball, but since I started lifting weights in March I've made many more friends at the gym (cuz I'm so shy!).

This is Barbie and Skipper (Barbie is on the right) haha, or I call them Peggy and Cheryl (Peggy is on the left).  These ladies are the most fit mom's I've ever seen.  They run everyday and they lift weights on Tuesday and Thursday.  I taught them the game of racquetball and got them so sore they could hardly walk...and they promised to kick my butt in abs this week!  They basically came and cooked all the food, plus they brought homemade muffins...that were a little too fabulous!  They also bought me a pink work out shirt because that is the color they always now I can be on their team!  They're keepers!

This is Leon and Jim.  Leon is the one trying to build a bridge across Utah Lake and Jim is an animator and has done work for Disney and other animated movies.  We all played racquetball this morning at 7 and then came over to my house for breakfast.  A few people I didn't catch pics of before they left were an older couple, Lloyd and Linda Laycock and Doug and Julie Ahlstrom.  Doug is an attorney for Draper City and had to go to work. 

The older guy in blue is Dave.  He has trophies at home for racquetball tournements he has won.  He is fun to play.  With the guitar is my good friend, Wendy.  We have played racquetball and done breakfast for about 3 years now and this was the first time I have heard her play.  She lives just west of me and teaches guitar lessons.  She is awesome!

This is our friend...other Doug.  He got hit in the leg with a racquetball a few months ago and developed a blood clot all up and down his leg (WASN'T ME!!!).  He was hospitalized a couple of times and took weeks to recover.  He has to wear long pants to play now and wears something on his leg to protect him from getting bruised again.  He still plays pretty awesome!  He has a shirt that says: Yes Dear is my indian name.

Dave (my Dave) was playing hooky from work to be here so I can't post a picture of him.  A bunch of other people couldn't make it because they had to work or went on vacation...stuff like that...but they are all awesome!

This is the tale end of Wendy's beautiful song.  (Sorry, that's all I got!)

This is how we rock it at my parties!

This video is my friend Ed and Wendy hittin the strings.  Ed plays in a band...several bands.  I think most of his boys play in a band with him and he's got a band in California.  I think most everyone of my racquetball buddies have a beautiful voice...cept Dave H....but somebody has to play the part of the audience!  Good job Dave!  Oh, if you're Dave's boss and you're reading this...Dave is really at work working hard(ly)!

We had a great time!  Good food, Good friends, great memories!


Rose said...

By the Way...Ed and Wendy had never played together...they were just winging it!

Christy said...

Life is always better with good friends. I'm glad you have so many!