Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Birthdays and a short Spring Break!

After a successful all day chemo treatment on Tuesday, Jake and I took a ride down to St. George to see John and pick up Spencer.  They took us to Snow Canyon to play in the sand.  John let a girl use his hair for her first hair cut.  A little "Dutch boyish"...but I've seen worse.
Jake did really good to limit his time in the sun to 15 minutes.  He had fun in the sand, but his energy was lacking.

This is our new friend, Cherie.  She was awesome with the boys!  I believe she is the first adult (besides us) to take an interest in Spencer (like your coolest aunt!).  They liked to play cards and watch Netflix shows and go for hikes together.  She's a keeper!  I believe we are going to officially adopt her!

I couldn't believe what a mountain goat Spencer was!  He is the tallest rock a little to the left of the center of the picture.  He just scrambled up this mountain.  Spencer went jogging with me twice while we were down there.  He walks so fast, I had to lengthen my stride to keep up with him!  I don't think he will have any problems doing the trek the ward has planned this summer!

I know this doesn't look like much, and you may have to click on the picture to get the full details, but these are baby turtle tracks.

I had to borrow some not-so-great scissors, but I fixed John's hair.  Here are my two 20 year olds!  So weird to think I have 3 boys in their 20's!  I just had 4 teenagers 2 days ago!  Happy Birthday Munchkins!

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