Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Reports are in!

I forgot my card reader, so the pictures will have to come later.

So we did the evaluation and a scan to determine how Jake has responded to his cancer treatment.

The scan shows that the lymph nodes that were swollen before have completely gone down!  His tumor has shrunk down to about half it's size.  He is, apparently, improving at a normal rate.

Now I was ready to ask the scary question, what was his prognosis.  Well, they don't know yet.  They are hoping that the cancer disappears, but won't know for sure until they can test for the next 5 years and come up cancer free on a continuous basis.  Things look positive, though, so thank you for your prayers in his behalf.


The Nelson's said...

Oh that is wonderful news! Let's hope that cancer shrinks down to nothing and never comes back!

~Dana said...

We'll take the good news! I am glad he is surviving!

Jill Heaps said...

Now that's exciting news!!! It's a great day!! Congrats:)

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