Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hey Missionary Mom!

I've met a member, Bro. Burr, who might have something or other. He is REALLY into history and Genealogy. He has a lot of artifacts from his ancestors. I'm not sure how far back you've gotten on either side of the family, but I'm going to give him my family tree that I have because he wanted to check. Maybe he can find something to help you? Who knows... I don't know much about genealogy.

Thats Awesome that Kyle is working on going to the Temple. I hope Austin goes for it. I think you're a good influence.

That's way Exciting about Kim! Tell him I said congratulations! Keep up the Good work Missionary Mom!

How did you like General Conference? I liked a lot of the talks. Elder Holland is always a favorite. A long with President Eyring.

So this week was kind of crazy. I bought a bike on Monday because we had to take one of the cars in to get it fixed because some lights were going off. We took the car to the Chevy Dealer to have it fixed. Elder Thielen told them that we wanted to have it serviced. They mechanic said that they'd have it done with in an hour and a half, which worked out perfectly because we had and appointment not too far away. So after we got the car all situated, we started towards our appointment on our bikes. No less than 5 pedals later, the gear protector thingy on my bike that prevents your pant-legs from getting shredded broke. I was kinda disappointed, but we laughed. Then we went to pick up the car. We payed for it and got the keys and mounted our bikes on the back of the car. Then we turned the car on and we saw that the lights were still on. We looked on the receipt and all they did was change the oil. So we showed the mechanic and he said, "Well why didn't you tell me? We could have fixed it while the car was getting service." So we again left the car there to get it fixed and we went to go visit a near-by less-active. Elder Thielen felt sooo silly. We had a good laugh about that too. It was a day of good laughs.

Thats all folks!


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