Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Stuff

Well it's time for another post. Just stuff happening at the Holladay Home front. It's UEA weekend this week, but I didn't feel like going out and doing something special, so we just stayed home, kinda...I mean, we didn't pack up and leave town, but Dave and I did go for a 4 wheeler ride up 5 Mile Pass, since it's been such a beautiful weekend.

I think we wore her out with the running. I tried to give her a ride on the back of my 4 wheeler, but she kept falling off. She decided it was probably better if she just ran the rest of the way back to the truck.

This is half of the herd of deer that ran out in front of our truck as we were headed home from 5 Mile Pass. I was just putting my camera away when Dave started to slam on the brakes. Pretty brave of them considering this is the first week of Deer Hunt!

John, Kyle, Austin, Jake @ Ryan's wedding.

Here I am in my post racquetball glory, so happy that I'm going to cut that mop off my boy's head! He said I could cut it when it reached the bottom of his nose. It is time!

I can hardly tell Jake and John apart now! Seriously, I have to look at their clothes!

I needed about 30 years of old check stubs burned so the boys had a pyro day out in the back yard.
My nephew, Carson turned 9 and we were invited over for caramel apples. I don't think I got any pics of Carson, because after the presents he disappeared to the basement with the cousins. This is his awesome mom, Carrie!
Fern and James (a lot of people thought these two were twins when they were young).

Carrie's cute parents.
Jeff wondering why mom didn't bring eclairs.My cousin, Kimmy Jack got baptized. Here he is hugging his brother Randy, who baptized him. Congrats Kim!


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