Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New York Trip

Took a trip to NY to see my dad. The weather was great! These beautiful ladies are my dad's cousins. The one on the right is my Aunt Dorothy, Bonnie Root in the middle and her sister Diane on the left. Bonnie treated us to a very nice lunch and they helped with some genealogy info.
This is my Uncle Jayson and my dad. Uncle Jayson just found out that he has colon cancer. He could have it removed, but his heart isn't strong enough for an operation. So he is waiting.
This is my dad and Uncle Phil.
This is Molly. She owns a restaurant who serves the best food in NY. She uses Mason jars for the cups. We like to eat here when I visit. Dad is one of her favorite customers.
This is DD (dumb dog). I think she liked me better than dad because I took her for a run every morning. She is very annoying, but very smart. I had her leash/run trained by the time I left.

This is my dad and Helen. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys!


fern said...

nice pictures- glad you had a good time. -we do read zacks letters, just don't always have a need to comment- you should keep them up!

Heaps Family said...

It looks like you had a great time with wonderful weather! What a great daughter you are. You even trained your dad's dog!! :) Welcome home.
You need to erase the post about Zacks letters...More people read them and are touched by them then you know. Plus, they are a part of YOUR life! This is what blogging is all about right?! If I only put things on my post that I thought would be interesting to others I wouldn't have very many posts:) Just a thought! Have a great day my friend!

Sam said...

Thanks for the new pictures of dad. Tonight I said, "Parker, wanna see grandpa Sweet?". He said, "Oh yea!, I never saw Grandpa Sweet before!", he was pretty excited. Sad, I know.