Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Post!

Whoa, where did the time go? Well I was going to do a longer update, but I can't find my camera (senior moment) to get the pics off, so you'll have to settle for Zack's updates. Here are the last 2.


Dear Mom,

Sorry I didn't email you last week. I was trying to save e-postage. lol! JK. I had typed up the email and then right before I clicked the send button(I had the cursor on it), I ran out of time and it shut down on me. I didn't write a snail mail because I figured you would get it after I emailed you today. We had to do a survey on the computer on Friday so I figured I could just send the email to you then. But, Elder Beeston reminded me that it's against the rules, and if they found out that I emailed on a day other than P-day without permission, I would lose privaleges. So I waited until today. Yerp. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

So this week we've been struggling to find people to teach. We've lost almost all of our investigators. Arowolo is gone. He went back to Nigera. Mike might be moving down to Florida for work. And others have either moved or aren't interested. We have two main investigators that we're focusing on. Sunny is scheduled to be baptized this Sunday. She had to be interviewed by Pres. Winegar because of past problems. Pres. gave us the OK, but she needs to be interviewed again to make sure she has quit smoking. We talked to her a few days ago, and she said the she is pretty much done smoking. Her quit date is today. She seems pretty solid. She is kind of high up in the black community so she's really influential. She has been telling all of her friends about the gospel and how she has quit smoking which has motivated some of her friends to quit smoking as well. She is bringing a friend tonight to the ARP(Addiction Recovery Program). We're hoping that she continues to spread the gospel and that her friends will meet with us. Then we have Terri. She has been taught for more than a year I think. She's been taught everything. She has had many baptismal dates but they didn't happen. She just needs to take the plunge. She said that has been having a rough time lately and she picked up the BOM and started reading and she just flipped it open randomly and read a few verses in Mosiah. It talked about giving your whole heart to God and following Him. We tied that back to baptism and she kind of went silent. My guess is that she has some fears of being baptized, which is understandable because it's a big step. We've told her that she would really benefit from being baptized and recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost and she agreed. It's kind of difficult.

Oh last week, just to spice things up, they cut our budget to $125 a month instead of 140. They said that they're cutting it because of laundry. Some apartments have a washer and dryer and some don't which makes it a little unbalanced budget-wise depending on where you are stations. They said that they will refund us for laundry now we just have to tell them how much. Fun times!

We had a day of Sacrifice again on Saturday. That meant no car, no money, and we can't eat our own food and we can't ask active members to feed us. It was a great experience! We got to talk with a few people and we found some who were interested. We knocked on houses and told them of our message and sometimes we asked for water and every time we asked we received. I was going to ask someone for a snack, but I figured I'd wait till 9 to eat. I didn't feel all that hungry most of the day anyways. We walked almost 14 miles that day (I got a blister on my heel). We were beat when we got home.

I'm running out of time and I still have to email President. Sorry it's kind of short.



Hey mom!

Sunny's baptism was great! She was so excited. She has been telling all of her friends and now her friends are excited and want to be baptized too. Sunny is really happy that she was baptized. She said it felt like a huge burden had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Yesterday we found one new investigator and one potential investigator during a window. We've started to implement the law of sacrifice when we set windows. This time we went out with just a Book of Mormon to place. When we found Dutchess; she was very open and she asked a lot of good questions (I love it when people ask questions!) We set a return appointment and she seems really interested in where we go after this life. Then we met Michelle(potential).

Interviews and inspections were yesterday. We pasted inspections. And interviews went great. We found out that the Mantua Elder's(Okamoto and Thielen) apartment will close at the end of next month. I have hypothesized that Elder Thielen and I will be companions next transfer as the areas will combine into one. Elder Beeston says that President said there will be sisters in the area instead of Elders. Sounds crazy to me, but I wouldn't put it out of President's scopes.

My computer time is up. I had better send this to you before it gets deleted.

Love ya!


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