Sunday, June 3, 2007

Funny Fish Story

This is the picture he took.

Ok, this is a funny story that happened a couple weeks ago. We had a Pack Meeting with my scouts in May and we had a picnic at a nearby park that has a nice fish pond in it. They stock it and you can fish there without a license. Some of the trout are pretty decent size. So I was finishing up the picnic/program part of our evening and the boys (Mike and Spencer) were excited to go fishing so they took off to get started. Dave wasn’t there, so they were pretty much on their own. By the time I got down to where they were, Michael had his pole just about ready to go and Spencer was trying to find a hook. Instead of casting his line out, Michael just sat his pole down while he was messing with stuff in the tackle box, so I picked up his pole (actually it was my pole) and cast it out for him. There were other people sitting there on the dock and said that they had not seen anyone pull any fish out all evening and they we packing up to go. A few minutes later, I saw the pole bouncing and I started reeling in the first fish (of course, I had to let Michael bring it in the rest of the way so he could say he caught it). We had some guy take it of the hook for us (because I can’t stand to touch those slimy things!) and baited the hook and cast it out again. A few minutes later, another fish on the hook. This time we were able to get the hook out successfully and we let that fish go. A man came hurrying over towards us with his camera and wanted to take a picture of the boy’s silhouette fishing as the sun was going down. Mike tossed his empty hook out into the water so it looked like he was fishing, so the man could get their picture. When he pulled his line out of the water, there was another fish on it with the hook in its lip. It was just a tiny fish, but I was laughing because no matter what Michael did, he got a fish on his hook, where no one else could catch anything.


fern said...

beautiful picture- is the boys silloette supposed to be in it?

Rose said...

Yes, they are down by the tree at the bottom of the picture. I couldn't get a bigger picture without buying a copy. I tried buying one, but they wanted to add a bunch of processing fees (without saying how much that would be), so I didn't end up getting one.