Sunday, May 13, 2007


Sorry, I don't know how to flip the order of these, so you have to see the last picture first and the first picture last. lol

We actually got Belva to crack a smile on this one!
Carma took Belva, mom and I to a Mother's lunch and fashion show at the Sheraton Hotel on Saturday afternoon. We had a good time.

Zack went on his first prom date! This is his friend, Vanessa. The white car behind them is a stretch limo he rented with his friends. The went to Thanksgiving Point for dinner and to walk around and see the flowers. Most of the girls weren't hungry, so they just got ice cream. How do you like his missionary hair cut? I had him go to a professional to get it cut (so I wouldn't mess it up) and this is the way he came back. He is wearing his suit all day to day so he can get his money's worth.

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fern said...

zach looks so nice! cute date too. i am glad they had fun- i love the haircut!!