Thursday, May 3, 2007

If April Showers bring May flowers, what do May showers bring?

Well, it's time to put something new on here. I keep checking this post to see if anyone has added anything new, but it stays the same.

The twins turned 16 last month. We spent a few days up at Wolf Creek and had a great time! Thanks for hooking us up, James!

I have been spending a good deal of time planning the Lehi Trails Day celebration. I'm the chairperson for our first celebration, and it's going to be pretty cool! I have to great guys on my committee that have come up with some great prizes! We have having a drawing for a couple of bikes and a GPS unit and several other cool prizes. On May 10th, if you go to, you can get the coordinates for the geo cache stashes and you can do the scavenger hunt at the same time. There is a cool t-shirt given to the first 40 people who turn in the correct answers to the scavenger hunt. There are 10 tokens in each cache and you can take one token from each one (or maybe only one from 3). If you want to go for the bigger prizes, there is a secret password/phrase on the back of each paper located in the cache container. If you bring the password, you can put your name in the drawing that happens at 12:30 p.m. If you don't have a GPS you can come borrow Dave's. You have to be present to collect the prizes. They will be given out on June 2nd at 11:30 for the tokens and 12:30 for the drawings. It's a fun treasure hunt to do with the family and everyone will come away with a few prizes. If you come, I would stand in line for the Scavenger Hunt prize first, because that is first come, first serve; then turn in your tokens from the caches. We went to Cabelas geo cache hunt and ours is going to be way cooler. I am spending about $1000 on prizes and there is probably another $1000 worth of donated prizes. It should be well worth your time if you can come!

Hey, if people will sleep over night to get an $80 chair at IKEA, you guys should be willing to geo cache for prizes worth $100 or more!

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