Sunday, August 11, 2013

Welcome 2013!...a little late

I wrote this post last January but forgot to post it!  Maybe remembering the cold will help us appreciate the warmth! ;)

Well, I got my wish for snow at Christmas!  However, the cold, cold air and inversion...I forgot that comes with it!  I biffed it on the ice a couple days ago..which has sped up my tiredness of the cold.  What happened to global warming???  I am looking forward to heading south to thaw!

I lost three people that I really care about already this year.  My friend, John Skidmore, My friend Ruth Hodson and my cousin, Artie.  Mixed blessings with sadness of loss.

Some awesome news...John finally got a job!  He has been out of work since the end of September!  His friend, Richard, found some job listings at Cache Valley Electric.  They applied back in December, but never heard back from them...until last week.  John is a much happier guy when he is working!

I saw my first opera...Phantom of the Opera!  Some of my weight-lifting buddies (ladies) were going and invited me to tag along.  I have to say, I have really enjoyed getting to know my new friends outside the gym.  I guess what I really enjoy is that they have been successful in drawing me out of my comfort zone.  Most times I just want to stay home where its safe.  I feel the best when everyone is home, safe and sound....yet I really enjoy those times when everyone is off to work or school and I don't have my life to myself for a short time.

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