Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update time!

So it's time to update because let's face it, no updates is more boring than a boring update!
Dave:  Dave is boring.  He is coaching Spencer and the deacons in basketball and they won today!  Otherwise, he just goes to work, comes home and plays on his computer...zzzz.  We do try to get in a game of racquetball and we won most of the games today!   That was fun!

Me:  I have been painting and cleaning.  I painted grandma's room and Zack and I put some trim up.  Looks very nice!  I painted three doors and patched and painted some trim.  I shampooed the big couch, two recliners and two cars and got the boys to clean two of the other cars.  So nice to have things smelling clean!  I worked on the taxes and made a mess of my desk, which I will be tackling shortly.  We have spent so much money on medical this year, we will be getting a nice tax break.  However, I just found out that it will all be going right back into's the way it goes I guess.
Zack:  School.  He helped with my projects too.  Thanks Zack!  Lova ya, bud!
John:  More nothing, but he helped me with my projects too.  I'm constantly reminding him to get a life, in case he has forgotten. 
Jake:  Jake is "conquering cancer", as Dave puts it.  He was feeling better on Wednesday, so he went to Trafalga with John and Austin, then to Classic Skating.  Way to be active, Jake!
Mike:  Mike has a "girl friend", though I'm not suppose to call her that because she's not 16 quite yet.  They are head over heel in teenage love!  Her family loves him!  They haven't been on a date yet, but I'm sure they will be planning something next month.  His consequence of waiting to get his license is that he can't drive her around until May.  He is currently looking for a job so he can afford all the things he wants to buy her and the dates he wants to take her on.  Benefit from this relationship:  His room is clean!  Like!
Spencer:  Spencer and Mike have just started a new semester of school.  I'm encouraging him to play the piano and guitar dailey.  He doesn't like it much, but I'm trying to practice piano too, so I don't lose what I have learned and so that he doesn't feel like I'm asking him to do something I wouldn't be willing to do.  Probably not buying it, but it's worth a try!  He is playing basketball with the deacons and was excited to win their first game!  I'm surprised he likes playing because he doesn't seem like the sports type...but he tries, bless his heart!  Reminds me of me at that age.  Sorry you didn't get dad's genes in the sports department bud!
Grandma Holladay:  Grandma took a vacation to San Diego this month.  She is loving the warm weather!  I talked to her today and she wants to stay with my neice in Saratoga Springs when she gets back next week.  I guess we are too boring for her.  I am enjoying the break!  No wonder I have gotten so much done lately!

What's next?  Well, I am going to paint the main bathroom and the hall and bathroom downstairs, then I will call the painting good for a while.  So happy to have that all done!  The next project will be to clean out the garage and get it organized so it's useful to put stuff out there.  No, I guess I have a couple other projects before that.  I'm going to finish organizing the storage closet upstairs, the pantry and my storage closet downstairs.  I think I'm done doing craft stuff, so if anyone is interested in craft supplies, let me know.

Well, that wraps up January update!  I hope some fun happens soon, so I can have something more exciting to report!

Blog ya later!

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