Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Zack!

The Book of

Zachary David Holladay


Date Born: May 21, 1989

Place Born: Salt Lake City, UT

Parents: Rose and Dave Holladay

Places Lived:

West Valley City, Utah

Lehi, Utah

My family has a mom & a dad and 5 boys. I’m an athletic, computer freak, and a handsome fellow sometimes.

My dislikes are writing, chores, homework, and not getting enough sleep.

My likes are sports, computers, and scouts.

My talents are sports, computers, and annoying people.

My appearance is handsome, skinny, tall, fast, strawberry red hair, and blue eyes.

My favorite Christmas was last year because I got my very own BB gun. My favorite toy is the computer. My favorite hiding place is my room.

I learned to ride my bike when I was five years old. One day when I was riding my bike I fell off my bike and cracked my head open, but it wasn’t that bad.

My girlfriend is … well I can’t tell you because it is personal. My best friend was Steven Rackam. My first pet was a cat. We named him Tigger. I loved him so much that every morning I would sneak into the garage and get him and put him in my bed and snuggle up with him until my mom told me to put him back into the garage.

My favorite neighbors are the Lubbers. They lived just across the street from us in West Valley. They’re the best neighbors I know! They let me do almost anything I want, whether it’s watching television all day to eating a dozen cookies.

The most exiting moment of my life was probably when I first got Diablo. It’s pretty fun. There are five characters that you can be. The Amazon, Necromancer, Barbarian, Sorceress, and Paladin. I like the Paladin the most. There are 4 acts. I’ve only gotten to act 3 with a Barbarian, quest 6.

My, how times have changed! Although, I think the Lubbers are still Zack's favorite neighbors! I guess I should have written down who is girlfriend was, because I forget now. His family has grown to add a grandma living with us and a dog named Molly. He is still a handsome fellow, all the time! I think his dislikes are the same, but I don't think he still likes scouts. His talents are the same and his appearance...well he's not as skinny as he used to be (Thanks New Jersey church members!) and he is very tall! Somehow, I think the most exciting or exiting time of his life has changed. He has really grown into an awesome young man (No surprise there!) and I am so looking forward to seeing him again this summer. I hope I'm still cool enough for him to hang out with! He's not only my favorite oldest son, we are good friends! I loved talking to him on Mother's Day! He was all mine for an hour! I cherish our little chats on email once a week. I sure miss the Zack hugs! He's got a lot of catching up to do in that department! Zack was an awesome helper around the house and at work. I think even Joyce missed him being her handyman. I love that he loves the gospel as much as I do! I think that is the sweetest gift that he has given me. I so look forward to discussing the gospel with him and the things that he has learned on his mission!

As far as I know, Zack has just been doing great on his mission. He finally is in a area that is more challenging and is the District Leader now. I often get calls from ward members telling me what an awesome young man he is. Those are the nicest surprises and it always makes my day to get those calls. I know our relationship will change as he gets on with his life. That makes me happy and sad at the same time...but, that's a mom thing.

Happy 21st Birthday, Zack! Enjoy this time in your life, because it's different as you go along. Each season of your life is filled with awesomeness attached to that time in your journey. Don't waste your time wishing you were older or younger, just enjoy where you're at. Keep your priorities straight, don't do anything you will regret later, have fun and you will have a great life! You're awesome!

Love, your MMM


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happy birthday zack!!! 21!!!