Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Update

Is it really summer? We have been jumping from jackets to shorts all month long. Here is Spencer at the free fishing day at Cabelas. They stocked this huge tub with 300 fish. We left around 11:00 and only about 10 fish had been caught by that time. They were all just sitting there at the bottom of the tub. Not a successful fishing event, but we got a free hat!

Michael gave himself his yearly shaving. He was brave enough to let Spencer do the back for him. I had him use a bigger comb on the shaver so it wouldn't be so short, but he changed it out when I had by back turned. I guess I won't have to cut it again for the rest of the summer.

The boys (twins) didn't get jobs yet, so they are going to camp this week. They are already getting bored. I tried to talk them into summer school, but they didn't want to commit. Jake was running a fever this morning and Dave stayed home from work to go to the dentist (he got an abscessed tooth over the weekend).

I got my garden in last weekend and planted grass in all the bald spots. I threw some peas in the ground, just in case it wasn't too late. I planted some green beans and a few pumpkins for fall. I have cucumbers, squash and tomatoes planted. I haven't done a garden for a few years, so I hope it works out. I took out most of the weedy soil and put in garden soil from Home Depot. Funny story about that strip of grass. I was headed for Home Depot to pick up some stuff and someone had dropped these pieces off their truck and a policeman was picking them and getting them out of the middle of the road. I asked him if I could have them and he said yes. I wish I could find 6 more pieces to finish off this spot. Mike took out the stones that lead to the faucet, but we can figure out the pattern to put them back yet (Oops).This corner doesn't get watered by the sprinkler head so I planted this lilac bush and a couple pretty flowers. I love this calla lily! It was little droopy when I first put it in, but it has perked right up. Dave is going to put a drip system in from the other side of the fence to keep it watered.


fern said...

the yard looks great! I love the yellow calla- good luck with your garden, I am trying to talk myself into planting some tomatoes- had some about 15 years ago and couldn't stand the huge worms that I found on them!!

Rose said...

Try growing them in a bucket, off the ground. I am so excited! I just found out that I can get sod for 1.49 a piece. I pulled my flower beds back so I could weed them more easily. I was going to throw some grass seed on it, but for under $20 I can have it all finished tonight. The last thing I want to do is put some paver bricks by the front water faucet. Finally, after 12 1/2 years I can say my yard is done! Whew Hooooo!