Thursday, April 3, 2008


Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Finally, I have something to share. I decided to blog what I did for my birthday. First, I got the boys up for school, drove Jake and John to school and then took Spencer and a few of the neighbor kids to school. Two of the kids gave me a big cupcake with a candle in it. It was awesome. Their mom's b-day was yesterday and she gave me a cute card with some nice lotion.

One of the sweetest gifts I get every year are flowers from God. Every year on my birthday I look out by my front porch and there are flowers there, waving a cheery hello. As you all know, yellow flowers means somebody loves you. What a sweet reminder!

Then I played racquetball. Tammy let me win the last game. LOL It was fun!

I was going to wash the dirty rain off my van, but then I remembered that I could get a free car wash on my birthday, so I went down and got one. I tried to get a picture of this guy wiping down the van, but everytime I snapped the picture, he ducked down. My lens wasn't open all the way so it has a weird frame around it.
Here is my clean van! There was a long line at the car wash so I had to hurry home and we drove right back here to go out for lunch with my friends.

These are my peeps! Iva is my sweetheart of a friend in the light jacket. Angie is in pink. We've been great friends since I moved to Lehi. Her youngest is Emily and the one on my left is my dear friend Sylvia. It looks like we are going around a sharp corner! Whoa!

Tammy is the one in the red jacket. She is the one I play racquetball with practically every morning. She used to be my partner in cub scouts. We switched to Primary teachers in December.

At 6, Spencer and I had to run down to his school to the "Wax Museum" the 5th graders were putting on. Spencer was playing Thomas Edison. Such a striking resemblance! We were late because I was on a long distance phone call just before we left and I didn't get to fix his hair or get his tie on him. He was totally happy with that!

Here are the great things my peeps gave me. My uncle Phil gave me the card on the left with $20. My dear friend Rinda gave me the homemade bread, jam and a very cool book that just came out last week. I can't wait to read it...My Dear Sisters, quotes from Gordon B. Hinckley. Funny card from Fern. The pink flowers and Symphony bar from John with a card that reads..."Even though you're getting old, I still love you". Pink card from dad. Kara chocolates from Zack (you rock Zack!). The salt and pepper and napkin holder with matching hotpads from my sweet friend, Iva. The purple pansies are from Jake and the lotion and cute "Make a Wish" card from my friend Julie. If you look in the background, there is a 42 inch plasma t.v. from Dave. That's what he gave me for my b-day (you rock Dave!)

Thanks to everyone who made this a fun memorable day!

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