Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 is Great!

Fern is right! Monthly blogs are boring. This is half of my primary class last year. No matter how many times I took the picture, the little boy in the red vest(Gabe) could not hold a nice pose. This one was the nicest out of the 5 I took. This year I have 5 year olds. They are adorable! 3 boys and 3 girls. They were coloring their CTR shields last Sunday and Kaleb was admiring the coloring talents of the girl next to him. I heard him exclaim, "That is the most beautiful coloring I have ever seen! He looked at his own not-so-amazing coloring job and said, "Mine's nice too!"

The picture below is one my brother, Sam took at the Sweet Family Party.

We were suppose to quilt some baby quilts for our service project. I brought these two to do and I think Tera brought the supplies to tie another quilt. James bought some blankets to donate. We got too busy taking pictures and visiting at the party, so I ended up bringing these home and quilting them myself. I think I ended up with Tera's quilt and I will be tying that one also.

And finally, Michael and I went to the American Fork Fitness Fair last Saturday. We put our names in for the final drawings. I go there practically every day to play racquetball. We won a free pair of shoes from Fleet Foot in AF. My shoes blew out the side, so I went and found some shoes that were very comfortable. They retail for $99. It's kind of a cool place to get running shoes. They examine and measure your foot and the way you walk to determine the best kind of show for you. These are the most expensive shoes I have ever had on my feet! Lucky!

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