Monday, September 3, 2007

Finally something new!

Ok, so I've been a slacker! Gotta get those boys in school, whadyawant?

Dave and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary. I talked him into going to Strawberry and not catch any fish. Here is Dave being very successful at that.

His sister Joyce was kind enough to let us stay at her fabulous cabin nearby. We cooked Fillet Mingon, stuffed mushrooms with lots of fresh veggies...Yummmm! Dave made his famous omelets for breakfast. It was a perfect weekend!

This picture turned out pretty good. Sam took this picture of us at Aaron's wedding.

Here is me and my people on the set of Good Things Utah with the cast sitting up front.

This is what Mom wanted to do for her b-day. Happy B-day Mom!


fern said...

sounds like a great anniversary! glad you had a great time- what are you going to do with your time while the boys are in school??

Rose said...

Monday-Laundry and house cleaning-FHE
Tues-Groc. shopping, yard work
Wed-Temple c Aunt Belva & cubscouts
Thurs- I have a class, more cleaning
Fri-spend time c Dave

M-F Homework c boys & exercise, scriptures, prayers
When I have time- genealogy, humanitarian quilts, VT, pay bills, dr/dentist appts, run errands, take dog for a run, work on fix up projects, home/auto maintenance, check boy's grades, volunteer at school, service projects, Parks & Trails historian, keeping in touch with friends and family,dust and clean windows. Other than that, nothing much. Sometimes I catch a Cosby rerun or a good BYU Education Week talk.

sam said...

Rose, that does sound like a perfect weekend...good job and happy anniversary!