Friday, July 6, 2007

See, I can do flowers too!

Carrie's not the only one with pretty flowers! This is the little flower bed I have next to my driveway. The rocks I hauled from Uncle Jack's farm. The big one in front is actually purple. You can't tell so much because the sun was so bright when I took this. Uncle Jack picked the purple rock out just for me. Actually, he took me around the farm a couple years ago and we went rock hunting. If you really pay attention, there are a lot of different kinds of rocks on the farm. They are also different densities so some rocks, although they are smaller, are much heavier than others of a bigger size. The big rock in the back here, when I was picking it up, a mouse jumped out from under it on to my foot and ran off. I screamed and dropped the rock immediately. Uncle Jack got a good laugh. These flowers are trying to hide the ugly green boxes they put in our yards.

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Sam said...

Those are some good rock stories. I used to be into geology and was amazed at the different kind of rocks down there, especially in Maple Canyon.