Monday, March 19, 2007

Somebody stop me!

Sunday dinner, right! Beautiful weather, so it's gotta be a BBQ for dinner. I have the chicken marinating and I decided to whip up a potato salad to go with it. Already got the eggs boiled, so no problem. I get the potatoes cooked and peeled, cut up and put in a bowl. I start working on the eggs. We like lots of eggs in our salad. I give it the taste test and there is an egg shell in it. Oops! I must have let one slip. I was sure I washed those eggs off before I diced them! One more taste test and more egg shell! I don't know when it happened, but I must have put one whole eggs worth of eggshell in my salad. I told the boys I just wanted to make eating potato salad a little more challenging. Apparently, that was not their favorite part of the meal. Oops!!!

Everyone likes my potato salad (without the eggshells) so here's the recipe:

Rose's Potato Salad

cook as many potatoes as you want in your salad, cool and dice
cook as many eggs as you like in your salad (my boys like about 6), cool and dice
mix about 1/2 cup (more if you're making a extra large salad) of Miracle Whip (light) or mayo, a good squirt of yellow mustard and a little honey mustard and salt to taste. Thin mixture with some ranch dressing. Add to diced eggs and potatoes. Some people like with diced onions and relish, but my boys won't eat it so I leave that part out.

New fridge comes tomorrow...Yipee!!!!

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